Wedding Books - Who wants a KISS?!

I am proud to exclusively offer KISS wedding books to my 2010 clients.   I get so excited when a KISS box arrives at my door.. I almost hate to give the books away! KISS Books are delivered in swank, sexy, cloth dust-covers.   The albums are thick and luscious, with the softest leather you can imagine. KISS uses only 100% full-grain, natural leathers selected for their grains, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better and are more attractive than fake, bonded-leather covers. The books are simple and elegant, and come in seven "ridiculously good-looking" colors : Virgin White, Sultry Blue, Forbidden Green, Smouldering Brown, Passion Pink, Voluptuous Black and Redlight Red.

The pages are lay-flat with a micro fold, which means that panoramic photos are seamless, allowing for jaw-dropping large spreads. Each spread is a photographic print that is folded and glued to the middle substrate – this binding process is called flush mount. The leather albums’ pages are hard pages with substrate separating the prints. They are thick and durable.

KISS Wedding Books are so gorgeous and well made that you can't help but be impressed by their incredible quality. The KISS company is an absolute pleasure to work with, and they guarantee their albums for life.   I can't wait to share them with you!