SWB Maine

A couple of weeks ago I attended a 3 day workshop called Shoot with Beckstead. David Beckstead has been named by American Photo magazine as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in the world, so it was an absolute honour to spend a few days working with him, learning from him, and having him critique my work. The workshop was hosted by David Murray at his studio in Kennebunkport, Maine. On the first day we spent about 8 hours shooting by the water. The scenery was so similar to the landscape here in Newfoundland, only it was quite warm and there was SUN!!! The second day was spent working on our images, reviewing each others work and receiving one-on-one critique and feedback from David Beckstead. Unbelievable. On the third day we were shooting again, this time in an old New England barn. There was very little light, and very little space, but we made it work, and the images are truly spectacular. It was an intense few days, totally inspirational, and an invaluable learning experience. Here are some of my favourite captures :

Here is a picture I stole from David Bracho ..me helping Kari in off of the rocks.. yes, I am quite the gentleman!