Amanda & Corey

I know that you can NOT depend on the weather here in Newfoundland, but you CAN depend on the people.  They are the best! I don't normally (or ever) work with another photographer on a wedding, but I found myself needing someone in this case.  I was so fortunate to have connected with Lori Moss.. so lucky that she was here in the province on this day, and so thankful that she was willing to help me out. 

Lori did such a great job with these photos.  She has quickly made her way to the top of my 'recommended photographers' list, so if you are still looking for a photographer, definitely check her out. 

I was happy to be able to join Amanda and Corey for their reception, and I had a wonderful time with them.  Long story short, everything turned out GREAT!!  Whew!!

(On a technical note.. this last shot was hand-held at 1/2 second. Yeah... I'm just that good!)