Suanne & Rick - Trash the Dress

Suanne contacted me a few months ago, wanting to do a 'Trash the Dress" shoot.  In case you're not familiar, here is a brief explanation taken from Go ahead, you know you want to.  Trash it.  Get it dirty.  Get it wet.  Roll around in the mud.  Drench it in the ocean.  Totally trash it.

Why?  Why not?  You've made a commitment to your husband.  He's your one and only true love, right?  Then you'll never need the dress again.  And no, your daughter won't wear it in 20-30 years.  So you have two choices:

1) Suffocate it in plastic and throw it in a closet 2) Show your husband how committed you are by trashing the dress, and get some great fun pictures while you do it!

So...  that's what we did!  She and Rick were married on August 16th, and the dress was trashed on the 19th!  (not really... sure, it got wet and a little dirty, but nothing a good dry-cleaning can't fix)  You guys were awesome!