NG Photography Workshops

This past June, I offered a series of workshops at both the beginner and advanced levels.I had a tremendous response from you guys, and both workshops were a great success! 

The first workshop - Nate Gates Photography Basics - focused on the fundamentals of SLR operation.. how to use your camera!

In the second workshop - Nate Gates Advanced Photography - we delved more into lighting, composition, and post processing techniques.

On day 2 of the advanced workshop, we had a wonderful model, Katie, who allowed me to demonstrate some natural lighting techniques indoors, and then we headed out to Middle Cove for a shoot on the beach. 

I would like to share with you now some of my images from the shoot, as well as my favourites from some of the people in the class.  Awesome work, guys!!

I look forward to offering more classes in the Fall, so please stay tuned to my Blog for information on that.  If you know you are interested, please send me a note with your contact info.

Thanks so much!!