Jennifer & Curtis

Ok, I know.. it's Christmas, and I am still posting weddings from September.  Thankfully, my clients have all seen their pictures long before now, I am just trying to catch up on the blogging.  I don't want to skip any.. I think that all of my wonderful wedding couples deserve to be featured here.  Case in point - Jennifer and Curtis.  These two got married on a beautifully rainy day in Flatrock, NL.   I really enjoyed spending time with you guys!  Congratulations and all the best!!

In the Roman Catholic tradition, if it's raining on your wedding day, hanging a rosary outside on the clothesline will ensure that the downpour stops in time for the big event.   Didn't work in this case, but we still had a great day!!

While exploring the town of Flatrock, we came upon this house that was demolished and literally on fire.. (as in there were flames shooting up from the exposed basement!)   At first we thought we should call the fire dept, but instead we decided to get in there and take some photos!