Genuine real beautiful honest joyful awesome people.These are the people with whom I get to spend time and become friends… on one of the most memorable days of their lives. How to capture authentic moments.. the true essence of who we are? That is my quest. Simple really.. just BE.. be you, be me, be together, be alone, be quiet, be loud, be happy, be sad. Be who you are... not who think you should be, or how perfect you think you should be... but be you, the real you. JUST BE. Not so simple.. I know. Worth it. Thank you Jessie and Jason for truly BE-ing with me

Pigeon Island & Windjammer Landing Resort.

St. Lucia destination wedding photography.


The morning of their wedding Jess and Jason visited a primary school in St. Lucia. With them they brought a mother load of school supplies to donate. It was a wonderful moment with an authentic and beautiful couple who I am proud to now consider as my friends.